Why Star Rating Apps on Facebook Don't Work

We were recently asked why our Testimonials App for Facebook doesn't have a star rating system.  After having looked at apps with star ratings we realized that they just don't work.


The nature of a Facebook page means that if you receive a poor star rating you will either a.) delete the rating; or b.) remove the app.  No one wants their potential clients to go through the trouble of visiting their page and liking it only to find out that there are a bunch of poor ratings.  So you find (as we did) that those pages with ratings systems apps have ratings that are all 5 stars.

What good is that?  First of all, no one is going to trust a 100% success rating.  It just doesn't exist in the real world.  In fact, it probably has a negative effect: people who see a high success rating on a page will become distrustful of the page itself.  Why would they believe that anything else is credible?

We love our applications and we want to improve them, but we're not willing to compromize useability for a sale.  We built apps that make sense, so for that reason a star rating system won't be in our stable of apps.